As we know, time is one of the main dimensions in our material universe. Its influence is outwardly linear and, together with cyclicity (the birth and death of everything in our universe), creates a spiral of evolution.

You can read my view on the relativity of time in one of my writings.

The relativity of time depends on the degree of focusing. If we focus only on one point time almost stops whereas if our interest, our focus is directed to several interesting topics, markers we have the feeling that time is passing.

Just think of the saying that the relativity of time depends on which side of the toilet door you are standing on 😉

In today’s time where we are literally bombarded with information by the media and our surroundings, when our mind grinds and grinds, there is a focus on many different topics – markers which creates a sense of time passing quickly.

And we must remember that we are only a small part of the collective action on our planet.

Our planet also has its own Intelligence, which is also focused on many factors that are happening at this moment. Things are happening at the speed of light ( looking the longevity of the universe ) and the focus of our planet’s Intelligence is creating in us the feeling that the clocks are disappearing, that time is leaping. In relativity, the day has fewer hours than we were used to until recently. And not only the day, the months, even the years are rushing past us. The seasons are changing at the blink of an eye.

And because we as physical beings are sensitive to changes in the seasons, this is one more factor that is already putting pressure on us at a collective and personal level.

Insomnia, high blood pressure, bone pain, joint pain, nervousness, fears… are part of our everyday life because our consciousness is part of the collective consciousness and it is connected to the consciousness of the planet.

We can help ourselves by focusing on the present moment.

Let us start living in the present !

Let us stay focused on one task and when we have finished it let us move on.

Let us live in the moment. As Eckhart Tolle says “only this moment is truly yours”.

Why is it so difficult to stay in the moment ?

Because only the present moment contains everything. Past, future and present.

And because it contains all three components our uncontrolled mind each moment compares our response in the past and prepares our response in the future.

Focusing completely on the work you are doing in the moment, even if it is just watching birds in flight etc. is the solution. Simple, but it requires years of training and focus.

Meditation, contemplation and other calming techniques can help you a lot.

Controlling our mind, observing our thoughts and focusing should become our daily exercise and practice.


You/we fail.

Don’t panic. Either way, over time the global situation will calm down and so will our time 😉



Darko Žak Miklavec

Darko Žak Miklavec

Hello friends, I am Žak Darko, I started working with parapsychology and extraterrestrial life more than 40 years ago. In the last decade, however, my path met with the Indian Vedas, the shamanism of North America and Siberia, I became a Reiki master, completed a three-year training in Indian astrology Djotiš, organize group meditations, etc. All this journey and access to ancient knowledge about time and space, which has been opening up to me recently, led to the creation of a project called Matrix "in the native way". In the business world, I can boast of over 17 years of managing a successful company. In more than 20 years of working in the insurance industry, I have learned many truths about life, as well as about the problems and the good sides of our everyday life. It will be my pride and joy if you find in me a person who can help you to know yourself, your potentials and live in your heart and in accordance with your path.

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