You have tinnitus, pain you’ve never known, can’t sleep, nightmares, feel strange, …

You notice that the days are rushing by. That sometimes time literally “disappears”. That an hour or two has gone by in a flash.

We forget that we are not only made up of our physical body, but that it is only a part of us. That there are spiritual, energetic, astral, etheric and other known and unknown bodies “within and without” us .

That the Soul is within us and that we are within it !

That we are in fact the centre of our own universe which meets and intertwines with the centres of other universes.

The Elders of the native nations tell us, the Indian vedas mention, the scientists observe and (some) admit that we are in times when the so-called Great Shift is taking place. And that this is causing changes in the energetic field of our planet and, of course, consequently affecting our energetic field. And because this field is part of our whole structure, this is why there are changes on our whole level.

Our bodies are always in harmony with the Earth’s field.

Changes in the rotation of the flowing part in the Earth’s interior naturally also affect us and our whole surroundings.

To make the matter even more stressful, there are at least 2 realities that are pulling us each to our own side.

And until there is a balancing within the interior of our planet, a separation of both/all realities, we will continue to be subject to the forces that reign at this time.

Although at times it is unbearable, our vigilance, our awareness is the only solution that allows us to survive this time and gives us the freedom to decide on which reality we will continue our Path.

And let me repeat as many times before, our surroundings show us the Path we are walking on !

Observe it! Is it the right one !? Do you want to be part of it !?

Let us stay “awake”, let us take the decision and the responsibility , let us use our strengths and our gifts because each one of us is the centre of our own Universe and all of us together are our Universe. And our strengths and talents are needed to keep our surroundings, and we with them, exactly where we are meant to be.

Where we want to be, where we have chosen to be and where we are meant to be.

And may we finally start to learn in a way that is kind to us and for the highest good of all involved !

Darko Žak Miklavec

Darko Žak Miklavec

Hello friends, I am Žak Darko, I started working with parapsychology and extraterrestrial life more than 40 years ago. In the last decade, however, my path met with the Indian Vedas, the shamanism of North America and Siberia, I became a Reiki master, completed a three-year training in Indian astrology Djotiš, organize group meditations, etc. All this journey and access to ancient knowledge about time and space, which has been opening up to me recently, led to the creation of a project called Matrix "in the native way". In the business world, I can boast of over 17 years of managing a successful company. In more than 20 years of working in the insurance industry, I have learned many truths about life, as well as about the problems and the good sides of our everyday life. It will be my pride and joy if you find in me a person who can help you to know yourself, your potentials and live in your heart and in accordance with your path.

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