Why counseling?


Because I know that I can help and that this is my mission in this earthly life. This is confirmed both by the examination of my birth chart through the ancient Indian science of jyotish and by my life so far. For as long as I can remember, I have used and believed in my intuition, the knowledge that was channeled to me and still is, in the old memory that we all have written deep in our minds, in the synchronicity of this Universe, the situations and the people I am with. encountered on my journey so far. Of course, there were also moments, some quite long, when I got lost, lost a little and “drove through the corn”, but life always brought me back to the path that I believe is the right one. We are only drivers, and the paths are here, were and will be, determined and written. I firmly believe that the linearity of our time provides us with the basis for that free will that allows us to decide for ourselves which Path we will follow. The way we react to the experience we find ourselves in and which we process depends on our built-in and acquired patterns / our karma.

It is a great honor for me to have met great people on the Path, such as Anna Maria Scariano, my reiki teacher of the universal life energy flow technique, Adrian P. Kezele, a connoisseur of the old of India and the great sages Rishis, knowledge of consciousness, ego, universal laws, relative and absolute worlds, karma and more, Little Grandmother Kiesha Crowther, a shaman who teaches about the harmony of life with nature, Mother Earth, all living things, a person who is here to teach the knowledge of all the natives.

Let me not forget my dear friend Maria Ana Kolman, an expert in shamanism, Siberia and phytomedicine, and of course Ksenija Rašković Nassif, who led me on the path of getting to know Djotiš, the ancient knowledge of Eastern astrology. Thanks also go to many others with whom our paths crossed.

All of the aforementioned try to talk about the basics, the oldest and highest knowledge, without any additions, embellishments and the like, which is modern lately. My advantage is the combination of all this knowledge, primitive memory and different approaches to information, recently especially in the field of the Matrix (natural/organic and artificial/synthetic), (ab)usage of the artificial matrix, relativity of time and parallel realities.

I have been successfully running my own company in the business world for 20 years. Through my profession, I have met and shared the destinies and lives of many, as well as tasted quite a few experiences myself, which help me understand the universal laws of this Universe, the law of Karma, etc.

I thank my ancestors and predecessors for preparing this Path on which I can now walk.

I am happy and proud to be able to help myself and maybe you too.

I would like to lay something else on your heart, or rather on your personality. Whatever is bothering you, wherever you have a problem, whatever pattern is weighing you down, you will have to process it yourself. No one can do it for you. It just doesn’t work. Even if there were already such a person to pass your test for you, it would rob you of an experience that you will have to pass once, if not now, then another time. An old proverb says that if you show a person his tomorrow, you rob him of his future!

We can only help you with advice and knowledge to help you process this experience. Because this life that we have set for ourselves is only a reworking of the experiences and patterns that we received from our ancestors and predecessors. As incredible as it sounds, the soul consciousness never chooses a task more difficult than a person can process.

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