Type of advice Price (EUR) Duration Notes

Personal advice

(consulting is also supported by the knowledge of Yjotish – Eastern astrology )

– first visit 100 EUR

– next visits 80 EUR

On the term (usually around 1.5 hours)
Shamanic healing ( in person or remotely ) 35  to therapy
Reiki therapy 35 to therapy (usually about 45 minutes)
Reiki therapy remotely 30 to therapy
Other services by prior arrangement or price list of our business partners

Price list valid from 01 January 2022 onwards

We are not taxable persons in accordance with Article 1(94) of the ZDDV-1.

Legal warning:

All forms of counselling, therapies and education offered by our company DAMI-svetovanje d.o.o. and published here or on our websites (also applicable to FB and other media channels ) do not fall under officially recognised forms of therapeutic assistance or officially recognized educational programmes and do not replace the traditional therapeutic approach or treatment to any extent. We offer our knowledge and experience to people who have been educated in various authors and programmes around the world and we want to share our knowledge and experience solely with a view to improving the quality of life of the individual through a different understanding of life situations.

We offer lectures and counseling, which aim at different approaches to understanding different situations and to no extent healing. The words “therapy”, “treatment” or “terapevstvo”, “healing” are mentioned only in the direction of improving the quality of life through a different understanding or view of reality and in no way towards physical or psychological treatment. For a visit to counseling, reiki therapy or education as part of our offer the individual takes full responsibility.

In case of doubt, if our education, counselling or therapy is suitable for you or someone who is in the process of treatment (psychological or physical) we advise you to consult your doctor or official therapist before visiting.

By registering and participating in our educational and counselling programs, therapies and counseling, you agree to the above conditions and you take full responsibility for your participation.

DAMI-Svetovanje d.o.o.