SEPARATION is just around the corner !
Do you feel satisfied with your current life although somewhere you hear that strange things are happening, that this and that is being prepared, or are you one of those people who live in fear of what will happen tomorrow.
Maybe you feel that the ground is slipping away from under your feet, that you are losing control, that you no longer trust anyone.
Do you have the feeling that something is happening but you don’t know what?
I can reassure you that nothing is happening that our ancestors did not know. If you have watched any of my videos, read any of my articles, then you have seen that I have been talking about precession, the rotation of the Earth, about quantum physics that opens the door to parallel realities of the individual as well as the Universe, and of course about the separation of two realities at the level of our current civilization.
Literally, two Earths are being created, two realities, which will completely split in the future and each continue their own path in this linearity of our perception of time.
Morda je slika naslednjega: besedilo, ki pravi »N the number of possible realities of one person 옷옷옷 옷옷옷 A B’«
So let’s imagine that there are two realities, we will call them Earth A and B. Since they are currently connected to each other, we as a civilization and as an individuals are also present on both. Each of us has N number of possible parallel realities, some located on Earth A and others on Earth B.
Let’s say that Earth A is the one that continues the path forward towards raising the state of awareness, a higher frequency of vibration, the path towards greater harmony and peace with nature and ourselves, while Earth B “falls” back towards even greater aggression, fear, etc. so it is returning towards lower vibrational frequencies, one could say that it is falling back into the Kali Yuga ( Indian vedas ) .
That’s why we currently have three main personality types:
– for some, life is easy, harmony is increasing, the planet as such is cleaner, calmer, everything is somehow taken care of, we feel that everything is going in the right direction
– for some, life is nice and calm, everything is going well, but they are worried that more difficult times are coming, they follow the news that predicts exacerbations, new types of diseases and trials, they are afraid of new political decisions…
– while others are in constant convulsions, fear, everything is bad, relationships around them are bad, feelings of loss, aggression appear, they see fears all around them and fear the future
The difference between the personality’s response to the current situation lies in the individual’s state of awareness and belief.
Some of us focus on a better future, some unfortunately fall under the influence of the media and their lives are increasingly in crisis.
Let’s say you have a wonderful day today, everything is fine, you feel joy, peace and calmness in your life, but the very next moment you fall into worry, fear, you see conspiracy theories around you, etc.
This means that you as a personality jumped/focused from one reality located on Earth A to another reality of yours located on Earth B. And vice versa. On an unconscious level, you have not yet fully decided where you want to continue the Path.
If you have a highly developed intuition, if your state of awareness allows you to feel your multi-parallelisms, then at this time you can feel the state of both Earth A and B. You can feel both realities at once.
Where does the problem arise?
On a subconscious level, we are aware that the final division of the two realities of the Earth will also lead to the final decision on which Earth we will continue our Path. And our parallel realities on another Earth will disappear ( another option is Soul exchange ) . This leads to these inner hardships, the fears of which we feel, but we do not know why they are happening. Our ego is afraid and defends, because this will bring to situation that a part of it will die/disappear.
The momentary passage through the photon belt, however, opens our deepest wounds. We face our deepest fears, the most hidden patterns that we were given at birth and that we have picked up throughout our lives so far. The Matrix requires us to decide where we want to continue. If we will not decide ourselves, it will be determined by the Matrix itself in accordance with universal laws and the Soul Plan.
You must have already noticed that everything was divided into two parts.
You may also have noticed that people around you are already disappearing, some simply got lost, we no longer see them.
It is the awareness of what is happening that opens up our free will, with which each of us as an individual can decide on which Earth, on which reality we will continue our development on the Soul level.
Now we can STILL decide whether we are ready to live in harmony with nature, with ourselves and the environment, ready to step into the unknown because we do not yet know the Path ahead of us, or whether we will continue to be subject to the system we know, be worried about our existence, our accumulated material goods, blindly followed the leaders and continued to be modern day slaves.
We can decide for ourselves whether we dare to face the above-mentioned fears, patterns, accept and abandon them and step into the unknown. Out of our (dis)comfort zone, the zone we know.
What can we do ?
We focus our reality on a more beautiful world. Let’s change the way of thinking, life – let’s change the way of observation, let’s observe ourselves and the surroundings through “new eyes” that believe in a better tomorrow
We always find something good in the events around us, stop chasing bad news, chase positive. The media depends on viewership, we are the ones who have the power to determine what we will watch, listen to…
Imagine a better world
If you can’t think positive, don’t think anything
Create, sing, draw, write, whatever you feel in your heart, whatever makes you happy
Build your own garden – with plants we connect with the life cycle, feel the life energy of plants
Let’s start establishing communities (meditation groups, self-care communes, etc.)
Unfortunately, it is not yet talked about or written about – but it exists!
Let’s dream it together, let’s create it together.
With Love
Darko Žak Miklavec

Darko Žak Miklavec

Hello friends, I am Žak Darko, I started working with parapsychology and extraterrestrial life more than 40 years ago. In the last decade, however, my path met with the Indian Vedas, the shamanism of North America and Siberia, I became a Reiki master, completed a three-year training in Indian astrology Djotiš, organize group meditations, etc. All this journey and access to ancient knowledge about time and space, which has been opening up to me recently, led to the creation of a project called Matrix "in the native way". In the business world, I can boast of over 17 years of managing a successful company. In more than 20 years of working in the insurance industry, I have learned many truths about life, as well as about the problems and the good sides of our everyday life. It will be my pride and joy if you find in me a person who can help you to know yourself, your potentials and live in your heart and in accordance with your path.

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