More and more often  I have come across the concept of attachment.

Many of us are feeling strong energies in these times that require us to be present here and now. These “pressures” can be expected to continue, given the intensity of what is happening on all levels.


One of the strongest patterns we all face, both on a personal and collective level, is attachment.


In the energetic field, attachment means interdependence with something, someone.


Mountaineers are familiar with the term attachment. Attachment means to be attached to one or more members of an expedition who are going on a journey where one of the team can be expected to slip up, etc., and be saved from falling and getting hurt by the others.

Unfortunately, it also happens that when the force of the one “pulling down” is too strong because of the tether, the whole or at least part of the team may fall into the depths,


The same happens with our attachments in everyday life.


Too often we all are (too) attached to the environment we live in, to our property, our car, our job, other persons, etc. and we can’t find enough strength and we get stuck in place.


Today, when it is so necessary to act in our hearts, with common “peasant” sense, and not to fall under the influence of the “truth” that the media wants to show us, this attachment is one of the main distractions for our development. For the final detachment from reality, which leads back to the darkness, to an environment ruled by fear, aggression, self-proclaimed »elite«….


It is necessary to realise that we are all Sparks of pure Consciousness, that we have come alone and will leave alone. Naked as we were born. We will leave behind all the abundance we have earned and all the persons we have become attached to.


It is therefore very important to realise that everything is abundant in the Universe and that this truth has been concealed from us for the last millennia through an artificially created matrix, which tries to show that we live in an environment where scarcity is constantly mentioned. You should understand that all crisis are artificially created… As a result, patterns have literally been written into our DNA that impose on us, at an unconscious level, the fear of scarcity . As a consequence  came an increase in attachment.


For example, the Slovenian people are well known for their attachment to the land, to the house, etc.


The events in our universe, the movement of the Earth, the passage through the photon belt and the separation of the realities, provide us with the environment to decide for ourselves what kind of life we would like to live. An environment is literally being created before our eyes that allows us to make changes in our lives, whether we admit it or not. I wrote about this some time ago in an article on DNA and the influence of the environment.


But to “deserve” to live in compassion and harmony with nature and our surroundings, in love with ourselves and everything around us, requires facing our deepest fears.  In the case of attachment, this can mean finally daring to leave a job where we have not felt good for years, to move to a place where we feel better, to separate ourselves from society /ceratain persons….


Of course, those who currently ( they think ) rule our planet know this too.

That is why we can expect even more media pressure, misrepresentation of the truth and attempts to infringe our rights in the future.


It is important that we remain firmly within ourselves, in our hearts, constantly “grounded”, no matter what happens around us. To aware that  we are free Souls and that we can change ( as some call it ) our soul contracts or add an addendum to it at any time. Our awareness is our power.


This is the primal fear of all who wish to rule. For once we are aware, once we awaken, no one can take awakening away from us. This has been proven by many before us, saints, avatars, etc.


According to Vedic tradition, Ganesh, who represents the one who ensures that everything in the Universe works according to universal laws, is said to have two wives. Buddi and Siddhi, Buddi meaning awake, Siddhi being the Sanskrit word for power.


So I wish you to become and remain awake and strong


With love

Darko Žak Miklavec

Darko Žak Miklavec

Hello friends, I am Žak Darko, I started working with parapsychology and extraterrestrial life more than 40 years ago. In the last decade, however, my path met with the Indian Vedas, the shamanism of North America and Siberia, I became a Reiki master, completed a three-year training in Indian astrology Djotiš, organize group meditations, etc. All this journey and access to ancient knowledge about time and space, which has been opening up to me recently, led to the creation of a project called Matrix "in the native way". In the business world, I can boast of over 17 years of managing a successful company. In more than 20 years of working in the insurance industry, I have learned many truths about life, as well as about the problems and the good sides of our everyday life. It will be my pride and joy if you find in me a person who can help you to know yourself, your potentials and live in your heart and in accordance with your path.

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